Welcome to Ember Syndicate, where membership unlocks a suite of dynamic online services to amplify your digital footprint.

 As a valued Ember Basic or Ember+ Managed Service Plan member, you gain access to an array of essential tools: 

Premium Link Tracking ensures you stay informed about the impact of your content, while QR Code Generation and Shortening streamline your marketing efforts. Advanced SEO Reports empower you to optimize your website's performance and enhance search engine visibility.

Our Email Marketing Manager simplifies campaign creation and management, while the Web Designer with EmberSite Builder (in collaboration with SiteJet) is a creative haven for crafting a stunning online presence. Navigate your emails seamlessly with the Webmail Reader and securely store your digital assets with Digital Cloud Access.

Finally, our Social Media Manager allows you to post on X, Instagram, and Facebook, efficiently managing your company's social media presence. Ember Syndicate is your key to a robust online toolkit, designed to elevate your business in the digital landscape.


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